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Unlock the power of digital transformation in insurance. Streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth with our innovative solutions.

Drive growth

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streamline customer interactions and revolutionize insurance with saiph

Verified Customer Service (vCS)

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What is the saiph ID?

The Saiph ID is a verifiable credential that serves as a digital representation of an individual's personal and insurance-related information. It acts as a secure and tamper-proof container that consolidates various data points into a single, verifiable source. The Saiph ID can include details such as personal identification information, policy information, claims history, and other relevant data points.

saiph ID features


Using a self-sovereign identity framework, saiph credentials offer a new level of security over centralized databases, spreadsheets, or pen and paper forms.


Leveraging the trust triangle system, the integrity of saiph credentials can be quickly verified, providing a secure means of authentication in seconds.


Saiph credential management system seamlessly integrates with providers’ infrastructure for smooth credential issuance, delivery, and verification. Efficient customer identification improves both the customer and the provider’s experience.

Why saiph?

Customer experience & operational efficiency are crucial factors affecting retention and churn rates. Saiph is dedicated to building a secure and efficient solution that prioritizes customer satisfaction & efficiency while improving security standards. Saiph minimizes friction in the customer-company relationship and guarantees a higher level of security to both parties.

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