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The first digital ID for artists

Created by artists for artists to establish efficient solutions for common identity hurdles in the music industry

Treble ID: Your Passport for Everything Music Related 

If you've published your own music before, you probably know that the current processes are messy. More often than not you can end up having your music mislabeled or even miscredited. In our experience, this was a very painful ongoing issue that we became passionate about.  

Our response is the Treble ID. Treble ID is a self-sovereign identity solution that gives you complete control over your artist identity information. Too complicated? Think about Treble ID as your artist passport that will validate who you are, what you have published, where you have published it, who your fan base is, and where you interact with them. It represents your digital identity as an artist and will help you simplify processes like content matching, royalty tracking, streaming service profile matching, content verification, and social media verification.

We want to help you own your artist identity and simplify the way it currently works. Join us in empowering artists globally by adopting the Treble ID.

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